Our Story

Bags of MoMunch Super Almond Granola

We created MoMunch Granola because we could not find a granola on the market without a whole lot of "extra stuff". All the granola we tried had everything in it, from vanilla to chocolate chips to dried fruit, as well as a whole bunch of ingredients that we couldn't pronounce.

Our Mission is to provide honest, whole grain, forget-the-fillers, sweet and salty granola! 

MoMunch Granola is great for a snack, breakfast or even dessert! It is slow roasted and made in small batches. We hand-pack every bag ourselves, delivering only the very highest quality. We use local ingredients whenever available. Currently, we are using oats grown in Aroostook county, honey produced in Windham, sea salt straight out of Casco Bay and locally grown Maine pumpkins and apples.

We believe there is no granola on the market today that has the great nutty flavor of MoMunch Granola. We know you will love it as much as we do!